What Apprenticeships Do We Offer?

We specialise in apprenticeships for the hospitality and catering industry. We only offer new apprenticeship standards, not old apprenticeship frameworks, which simply means we’ve already embraced the changes that were introduced in 2017 and are not stuck in the past. More new apprenticeship standards are being developed and we will add these to our portfolio as they become available.

The new apprenticeship standards have been written to match specific hospitality job roles. 
We can currently support your staff to achieve apprenticeships in the following job roles:



Level 4 Apprenticeships

Hospitality manager (coming soon!)



Level 5 Apprenticeships

Please feel free to give us a call for an informal chat about what is right for your business.

Additional apprenticeship standards are being added every month or so. Others that are en route to being approved for delivery include apprenticeships across a range of back office and support functions such as those in business administration, HR, regulatory compliance, leisure management, public relations and so on.  We’ll add them to our list as they become available, providing they have relevance and purpose in the hospitality sector.

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